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Aquatics Training & Certification

Garden State Aquatics is dedicated to providing quality training and empowering the community to be knowledgeable in aquatic safety. We specialize in a variety of skills ranging from comprehensive lifeguarding techniques to basic water safety education. Our goal is to ensure your safety on the water.


Reasons To Be A Lifeguard

Pick a reason below or find your own! There are more reasons to be a lifeguard than we can fit on this page, but whatever yours is, we look forward to helping you reach your goals.

Valuable Experience

Learn real life skills like CPR and build your resume with a job that builds leadership, communication skills, and people management.

Great Job Security

Lifeguards are always in demand, now more than ever with room to grow. Pools are constantly hiring and even paying for recertifications.

Stay Fit All Year

Lifeguarding requires you to be in good physical shape. Some places allow you to use their gyms, pool, and other facilities.

Flexible Hours

Many lifeguard positions are part-time and work around your schedule for extra income. Do meaningful work while having time for school and a social life. 

People Look Up To You

People will see you as role model and will literally look up at you sitting in your chair with the best view of the pool.

It's Very Rewarding

It’s a lifeguard's duty to keep everyone in the pool area safe. This big responsibility is a great feeling. You also make friends for life.


"Loved the class! The instructor was super friendly and very knowledgeable about the material. I liked the pace and how there was always time for questions.

Jessica R.

Lifeguard & EMT

Post Training

Ready To Jump In?

Garden State Aquatics has friendly staff to answer all your question by email and text. After successfully completing the training and receiving your certifications, we can always point you in the right direction. Many employers are looking to hire and we can share those opportunities by email.

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